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Jedi Series Manuals & Documents

Post by motodan31 » Sun Sep 10, 2017 12:52 pm

So after talking it over with the staff and getting a blessing, I am going to create a thread here with manuals and documents for the UNSUPPORTED Jedi Series. This documents were gathered from the internet and are being posted here. I will update the list periodically and leave a list of what has been changed at the top of the post. Being unsupported for so long and the availability of the documents online should not cause any problems.

Common Documents
Jedi Series Service Manual
NMN6191B Remote Speaker Mic
RKN4025D Program/Test Cable

HT1000 Detailed Parts List
HT1000 Accessories
HT1000 Specifications Sheet
HT1000 Quick Reference Card

JT1000 Users Manual

MT2000 Sales Brochure
MT2000 Parts List

MTS2000 Parts List
MTS2000 Specification Sheet
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Re: Jedi Series Manuals & Documents

Post by MOTechGuy » Sun Sep 10, 2017 3:06 pm

Since I'm lazy, here's a whole MEGA directory with manuals for the Jedi series including Visar radios...!T9cESCJL!lsCOCjm9fN2euB0zQT_ERQ

If someone wants to sort this out and upload it to MEGA in a nice organized format, go for it.
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