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P25 Techs from a Different View

Postby Project25 » Sun Mar 04, 2018 5:19 pm

Not too long ago I got to spend some time with a Harris tech. Me being an Astro 25 tech (who's potentially building an Atlas system as well) it was very interesting having the opportunity to sit down and talk differences in systems. For him, they were just getting into adding sites from their primary simulcast system (sub-cells as he put it) in areas where they were lacking coverage. I guess I should also mention, this is city system that has been morphing into a county wide system. On the other hand, I come off of a multi-zoned, multi-band (as in VHF and 7/800) Astro 25 system. It was very interesting for him to hear some of the differences in how the various manufacturers build their trunking systems. One of the greatest examples of this how Harris typically assigns each site a different RFSS where Motorola uses the RFSS for their Zone provisioning. Us having 100+ sites per zone was an interesting concept to him and the functions that need to be enabled on Astro 25 and APX subscribers to allow for site expansion and roaming to and from Zones were different from what they are currently building out.

One of the things we both agreed on however, the MASTR III and MASTR IV receivers aren't the best things out there. It was interesting to sit down and be able to talk about it all. Anyone else had that opportunity to have such a conversation? Potentially good talking points for those attending IWCE this next week as well.

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